Halloween Safety Tips

As Halloween approaches, the Beaumont Police Department is asking that parents consider the following tips for the safety of their children.


  1. Make sure young children trick-or- treat with an adult. Older kids should go with at least 2 buddies, let their parents know the area they will be trick- or- treating in and have a designated time for them to be home. Make sure they carry a watch or cell phone.
  2. Make sure your children try on their costume before Halloween night; it should be light colored and short enough that the child will not trip. Decorate it with reflective tape or stickers that are visible in the dark. There are a wide variety of Halloween flashlights, glow lights and lighted neclaces that can be used to help with visibility.
  3. Encourage your child to wear non-toxic make-up instead of masks that limit their ability to see around them.
  4. Do not allow them to carry fake weapons (swords, knives, guns) that look real; they should be flexible so as not to hurt your or anyone else.
  5. Make sure shoes are comfortable and their laces double-tied to prevent tripping.
  6. Remind children to stay away from candles, lit jack-o-lanterns and bonfires.
  7. Remind children to walk, don’t run! Stick to sidewalks whenever possible. If you must walk in the street, face traffic and keep a safe distance away from moving cars. Cross at street corners after looking both ways. Never run between parked cars or criss-cross back and forth across streets.
  8. Stop only at well lit houses and be respectful of other people and their property.
  9. Have a parent check treats before eating them.
  10. Accept treats from the doorway. NEVER go inside a stranger’s house.

The men and women of the Beaumont Police Department wish you a fun and safe Halloween night!