On Wednesday, 7/29/15, 11:40 AM, Beaumont Fire Rescue units responded to a report of a leaking tank truck at the intersection of Franklin and Park streets. When firefighters arrived they found a tank truck carrying a load of 44,380 lbs. of Nitric Acid and leaking from the bottom of the tank. A perimeter was set up a block in each direction and Beaumont Fire Rescue Hazardous Materials Team was called to the scene. Nitric Acid is a corrosive and also an inhalation hazard. The driver of the truck was exposed to the product. He was treated on the scene by Beaumont EMS. The driver later experienced other medical conditions, not related to the acid leak, and was transported to Baptist Hospital by Beaumont EMS.

The truck company, Action Resources, out of Hanceville, Alabama, had another truck brought to the scene and an environmental clean up crew. The product was transferred to the other truck for transport. Transfer of the product was completed about 12:30 AM, Thursday morning and both trucks were removed from the scene. The environmental company will continue to work through the night on site remediation.

Beaumont firefighters, police, and EMS were on scene and monitored the transfer.