Beaumont, Texas;  With the Holiday season in full swing, Beaumont Animal Services would like to remind pet owners, to take a little extra time and ensure that their pets have a current ID and rabies tag. Did you know that only 10% -30% of dogs and 5% of cats are returned to their owners when lost?  Tagging your pets with an ID dramatically increases the likelihood of them returning home, safe and sound.

Take a little extra time to make sure that you pet has a current rabies tag, Id or name tag and or a microchip. Beaumont Animal Services also encourages pet owners to make sure that the phone numbers are current and legible on the tags and if your pet has a microchip, please register the chip with your name and contact information. A microchip will do no good if it originated in another state and was never transferred or registered under the new owner’s name.

Animal Services also encourages pet owners to update their contact information with their veterinarian’s office to ensure that rabies tags are traceable to the correct or current owner.

“At the Beaumont Animal Shelter, we only see 5%-10% of the animals with some form of identification on them. We also see numerous animals that are micro chipped, but are not registered with the current owners information”, states Matthew Fortenberry, Supervisor of Beaumont Animal Services.

In the unfortunate event ones pet does turn up missing, contact your local animal shelter first. If you live in Beaumont, you may also check online, on the Beaumont Animal Services Face Book page, where all animals are posted for viewing.


Contact:   Matthew Fortenberry, Beaumont Animal Services Supervisor

Email:  [email protected]  or phone: (409) 838-3304