A four-month has been targeting illegal gambling operations in the cities of Beaumont and Port Arthur.  The joint investigation involved the Beaumont Police Department Narcotics Unit, Port Arthur Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

With the assistance of the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the investigators have been able to obtain several search warrants for locations in Beaumont and Port Arthur.  Officers served those warrants this evening at the following locations:

2685 South Major            Beaumont           Private residence

2695 South Major            Beaumont           Private residence

4380 South Fourth           Beaumont           Shanghai Amusement Game Room

3229 Washington             Beaumont           Happy Mood Amusement Game Room

3890 Highland Ave           Beaumont           Seashell Gift Shop

2949 College #215            Beaumont           Lala Gift Shop

4948 Griffing Dr.               Port Arthur         Life of Luxury Gift Shop

Agencies who assisted in the execution of the search warrants include the Beaumont Police Department SWAT Team, Special Assignment Unit, and K9’s, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshall’s Service, and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.