On Sunday, September  6, 2015, at 8:14pm, we received a complaint about a laser being pointed at an aircraft. Officers met with the complainant at Market Basket located at 8350 Phelan Blvd. Beaumont, Texas.

The complainant  explained that he is a helicopter pilot and was flying a helicopter around 8:00pm. As he was approaching the Beaumont Airport, he flew over Mclean Street someone directed a green laser at him. He flew over the area where the laser light was coming from and turned on his landing light to light up the area. He further explained that he observed two individuals in the front yard of an address in the 9400 block of Mclean. He landed the helicopter, got in his vehicle and drove to the address on Mclean to verify.

Officers went to the address and spoke with a parent. The parent told officers her 14 year old son did have a laser pointer and called him out to speak with officers. He spoke with officers and admitted shining the laser at the helicopter and did not realize how dangerous shining a laser at aircraft could be for pilots.

The laser pointer was seized and placed in property as evidence at the Beaumont Police Department. The juvenile was issued a citation  for pointing a laser at an aircraft.