On Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 10:00AM, in the Beaumont Police Training Classroom, Chief Singletary will announce that a group of local families have made a donation to the Beaumont Police Department for tactical body armor kits. Judge Cory Crenshaw spearheaded an effort he calls “Protect Our Peacemakers.” Judge Crenshaw said, “This donation demonstrates through action rather than words that the community does in fact appreciate and support our Police Officers. For the countless times Officers have protected us, we now provide this life saving equipment to help protect them. Blessed are the peacemakers and we pray that God continues to bless them and watch over them.”

Judge Crenshaw and numerous other local families have joined together to donate the funds to purchase 170 Life Saving Kits, which include a vest, two body armor plates, and a carry bag. The equipment will provide protection from the increased threat against law enforcement. Due to the sudden increase in demand for these kits, this prompt donation allowed the Beaumont Police Department to be one of the first in the nation to receive this life saving equipment. The donating families hope their gift inspires communities across our great nation to do the same for their officers in this time of need.

The Generous Donors Are:
The Crenshaw Family, The Fuljenz Family, The Garth Family, The Kinsel Family, The Mazoch Family, The Penland Family, The Steinhagen Family, The Verde Family, The Elaine Henderson Family, The Dr. David Caldwell Family, The Mary Jane Benning Family, Parigi Property Management, and FastLane Convenience Stores.

Members of the media and the community are invited to attend this press conference as we thank the families for their generous donation to help protect our Officers. The press conference will be on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 10:00AM at the Beaumont Police Department Training Classroom.


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