Friday, June 9, 2017 at 11:28 a.m., officers responded  to a robbery that occurred at 3950 IH10 South, the Holiday Inn at Walden and I-10. The victim, a 75 year old Houston woman,  reported that as she was reaching into her vehicle, the suspect ran up behind her and pulled her purse from her shoulder. The woman was hurt when the purse was jerked from her shoulder.  The purse contained an I-phone, I-Pad, and a wallet with credit cards. The suspect got into the driver’s seat of a red pick up  truck and left west on Walden Road. A family member was able to track  the I-pad to the area of Kolander road in Jefferson County and then to the 45o0  block of Magnolia in Beaumont.   Officers located the I-Pad and the suspect.

The suspect was identified as Bobby Lee Madden , 36 year old  Jefferson County resident.  He was arrested for Aggravated Robbery and transported to Jefferson County Jail.