Friday, October 25, 2019, at approximately 11:00 AM, the Beaumont Police Special Assignments Unit, Special Services Division and Southeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force, began surveillance on Eric Thomas, a 30 year old Baytown man, at the Wells Fargo Bank, located at 4175 Phelan in Beaumont. Thomas was observed in bank parking lot, sitting in a gray, 4 door Infinity. No one was seen getting out of the vehicle. Thomas went to numerous banks in Beaumont and parked in the parking lots, never exiting the vehicle. As the surveillance continued, Thomas drove to Mid-County, where he first went to the Chase Bank located on Highway 365, again sitting in the parking lot and not exiting the vehicle. Thomas then went to the Wells Fargo Bank located at 4000 Twin City Highway. After a lengthy period of time, an undercover officer went into the bank and exited with a bank envelope in hand. The undercover officer left the parking lot and Thomas followed the officer.  The officer drove to Bruce’s Market Basket in the 6000 block of 39th St., where the officer parked and went inside the business.  Thomas pulled up next to the officers’ vehicle, got out of his vehicle, entered the officer’s vehicle and reached in to remove the bank envelope. Thomas was then stopped and taken into custody. Thomas refused to speak with detectives and was transported to the Jefferson County Jail and booked in for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity with no bond.   

Thomas is a documented gang member from the Pasadena area. He has a court date here in Jefferson County on Monday 10/28/19 for a jugging arrest that occurred in Port Arthur.