On Saturday, February 6, 2016 at  2:49am , a Beaumont Police  K-9 Officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation at the McDonalds, located at Laurel and IH10. The officer walked up to speak with the driver, but left his K-9 in the patrol unit.  Allen Keith Williams, a 35 year old Beaumont man, (not involved in the traffic stop) got in the driver’s seat of the  K-9 patrol unit while the officer was conducting the traffic stop, and sped away.  Dispatch was quickly notified and began to actively track the vehicle. Officers located the stolen patrol unit at and attempted to stop Williams.  He evaded police throughout the city of Beaumont and wrecked in the woods at  College St and Dowlen Rd.  Williams refused to exit the vehicle but was removed after a lengthy struggle and arrested.  Williams was then transported to the hospital for medical clearance. K-9  Duke was not injured during this incident but will be  cleared by the veterinarian.

Once Williams was medically cleared, he was taken to ATTF (Auto Theft Task Force) to speak with a detective and then taken to the Jefferson County Jail.

Allen Keith Williams was charged with:

Felony Theft, Evading Detention/Arrest with a Motor Vehicle, Attempting to take an Officer’s Weapon, and Resisting Arrest/Search/Transport.