For Mental Health Awareness Month, Baylor College of Medicine and the American Red Cross have partnered to offer an educational presentation on stress management, signs of distress, and coping strategies and practices.  Trained therapists will present information to better understand stressors and adjustment problems like sadness, worry, and mood changes, as well as present on evidence-based practices designed to treat and alleviate symptoms of distress.   

 This presentation will take place at the Elmo Willard Branch Library located at 3590 East Lucas Drive in Beaumont, on May 7th at 12:00pm and at 6:30pm. 

 Information will also be provided for tele-therapy for adults funded by the American Red Cross.  Please contact Michael Sustaita at 713-798-1916 to learn more.  For information on therapy for children, please contact Hetal Modi at 832-822-1096.