Ky Brown is a 32 year veteran of the Beaumont Police Department in Beaumont, Tx and is a Lieutenant of the Department’s 3rd Watch Patrol. Ky joined BPD’s SWAT team in 1985 and currently serves as the SWAT Commander.

Ky has recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer and is receiving extensive medical treatment.

A Go Fund Me account has been established to accept donations to support the Nov. 15 medical benefit Ky’s co-workers are putting together to raise money for his mounting out of pocket medical expenses. USE OF THIS ACCOUNT IS ESPECIALLY ENCOURAGED FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO HELP KY BUT WHO CANNOT ATTEND OR PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT IN BEAUMONT ON NOV. 15. Click the following link for the Go Fund Me account:

The Beaumont Police Department will host a gumbo lunch benefit at the police station located at 255 College Street in downtown Beaumont, TX on Wednesday, November 15 from 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

The cost of lunch is $10 per serving of chicken/sausage gumbo, which also includes a side of rice, potato salad and a bottled water. Desserts will be sold separately on site. Dine in or take out.

We have already received over 1700 pre-orders. Thank you to all who have assisted in this effort to support our friend and co-worker. 2 SWAT team members from Brazil who have trained with Lt. Brown & BPD’s SWAT Team have flown in to help during the benefit. Ky is a hero to many and has been there for friends and strangers alike both in his career and personal life. He’s been there for us – let’s be there for him….because in this family NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!