The 2015 Youth And Law Enforcement (YALE) Academy had been scheduled to begin on June 8, 2015, but due to scheduling problems this year the starting date will be delayed one week. We will start the academy on June 15, 2015.

This is a free course offered to Beaumont area high school male and female students who are at least 15 years old, have passed the 10th, 11th or 12th grades and who may be interested in law enforcement, criminal science or military as a career, or it can be for the student who is simply looking for a challenge.

The Y.A.L.E. curriculum is a one week abridged version of the Lamar Police Academy and offers an exciting educational and hands-on experience. The course is conducted at the Beaumont Police Station and the Beaumont Police Department Pistol Range, and will include a visit to the Jefferson County Jail.

Applications can be found at and find “Youth and Law Enforcement YALE” near the bottom of the page. Click that and go to the bottom of the page again and find “application” YALE brochure and Liability Waiver. Print the application and waiver to fill them out. The application should be faxed, mailed, or brought by the Beaumont Police Department before the student can be enrolled in the academy. The Liability waiver can be sent with the application, or brought with the student the first day, June 15th, and there will be a notary at the police station.

For questions, call Officer Doug Kibodeaux, 409 730-4433.

Mail : Beaumont Police Department PCR
P.O. Box 3827
Beaumont, Texas 77704-3827
Fax : 409 880-3835 Att. D. Kibodeaux
Email : [email protected]