A potential tragedy was averted due to the assistance of Patrol Officers, dispatchers and a Good Samaritan when a blind man became disoriented and lost in the heavy fog.

Early Wednesday morning at about 4:53 a.m., our 911 Dispatch Center received a phone call from a 49-year-old Beaumont man who stated that he was lost somewhere in the city. The man told dispatchers that he was blind and somewhat disoriented.

The man told dispatchers that sometime last night, he missed his city bus transfer and began to attempt to walk home.  He left the downtown bus transfer and wandered the city until he finally decided to phone 911.

Dispatchers were able to determine the man’s general location and Patrol Officers responded to the neighborhood near the area of Sherman and Brooklyn.  Officers began a ground search for the man as dispatchers kept him on the phone.  Officers then decided to sound  a police siren and asked the man to try to give directions to his exact location based on that sound.  He was attempting to direct officers nearer to his location when a “Good Samaritan” walking a dog located him and phoned dispatch.  The “Good Samaritan” stayed with the man until officers arrived.  Officers then gave the blind man a ride back to his house in the north end of  Beaumont.


Sgt. Rob Flores, Jr.