Permit Intake:

• For all Over-the-counter Permits for commercial or residential building, plumbing, mechanical,
electrical you can apply via email, fax or mail by completing an application (which can be found at:

Please note that residential roof permits are not being required during this period. However, please call our office to ensure your contractor is bonded. Also, please ensure that you get a Windstorm Inspection by a third-party inspector.

Once completed, you can:
• Apply via email by sending application to: [email protected]
• Fax: 409-880-3110
• Mail: 801 Main St Suite “200” Beaumont Texas 77701

For Building Permits that require plan review you can:
• Drop off your permit package (application, plans, calculation packages, reports, etc.) At City Hall
801 Main St Suite “200” Beaumont Texas 77701 or
• Please Call us at 409-880-3100 and we will send someone down to meet you at the City Hall lobby.
• Mail: 801 Main St Suite “200” Beaumont Texas 77701

Permit Review and Issuance:
Once we have processed your application, you will receive a phone call or email with your permit
number and instructions on how to submit your payment. Once fees have been paid, we will deliver
your permit via email or regular mail.
For plan reviews requiring corrections, comments and mark-ups will be routed via email, regular mail or
we can arrange to meet you at the City Hall lobby.

Public Inquiries:
The Permitting staff can assist you from your home or office computer just as we do at the permit
counter. All resources in our office are available online. To connect with staff please do so via email or
by phone 409-880-3100. Helpful links are below (Also, please note that a web search of City of
Beaumont Texas and these key terms provides a quick way to access these pages):
Building Codes:
Planning & Zoning:
GIS-Interactive Maps (with Zoning info.):

Note: With a higher volume of calls and emails, and a modified permitting process, plan review timelines
and response to questions will increase. We will respond to your inquiry in the order received.