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June 30, 2022               


Beaumont Transit Welcomes Sixteen New Vehicles to Fleet Along with a Host of New Features and Technology


Beaumont Transit has re-branded to become Beaumont ZIP, and the name and design aren’t the only things that have been upgraded. Eight new large busses and eight smaller paratransit vans will be hitting the streets over the next few weeks, replacing 80% of the current fleet. Complete with upgraded amenities and improved functionality throughout, new features include bike racks, folding chairs to allow room for wheelchairs, and kneeling ramps for increased accessibility for all citizens. Additionally, new payment options by credit card and smartphone will be available soon, along with improved bus routes based on recently surveyed ridership studies.

Beaumont ZIP has integrated several technology upgrades as well, such as the launch of a new website, where you can find information about ADA compliance, plan your route, and find fares/pass information. You can also download the Transloc app on the App Store or Google Play for real-time bus tracking and route planning right from your smartphone. In addition, you can also use the “Transit” feature on Google Maps to plan your route.

Claudia San Miguel, the General Manager of Transit Management, says, “We are grateful for the state and federal funding opportunities provided to bring these new busses to our community. Especially now with the high gas prices, we hope more people take advantage of Beaumont’s public transportation options and start seeing the Zipline in a new light.”

About Beaumont ZIP: The Beaumont Municipal Transit system has been serving Beaumont for over forty years with 1200 bus stops, ten routes, and service six days per week. Its mission is to safely connect the thriving community and be a reliable source of public transportation, getting you where you need to go around town.


Claudia San Miguel, General Manager     

[email protected]



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