The following information is related to repairs, reconstruction and permitting following Hurricane Harvey.

· Other than pulling out wet carpet and furniture once it is safe to access your property, no work should be done on a structure that has received water damage prior to a Damage Assessment being conducted by the City and a building permit has been issued.  Doing any work without a permit could jeopardize any possible assistance.  To determine if your property has been inspected by the City, please contact the Building Codes office at (409) 880-3100.

· There will be no charge for Building Permits for storm-damaged structures.  However, permits are required.  Permits can be applied for by homeowners and bonded and licensed contractors at City Hall, once it reopens.

· It is important to ensure that work done on your home or business is done by a contractor that is licensed and or bonded.  In order to know if your contractor is licensed or bonded, please contact City of Beaumont Building Codes at (409) 880-3100.  We also encourage you not to pay contractors until work is completed and approved by the City.