Press Release—Building Codes
Sept 20, 2019
The following isrelated to repairs, reconstruction and permitting following Tropical Storm
• Homeowners may remove damaged sheetrock, carpet, and insulation before getting
permits. However, please document damage, including how high the water was in the
home and accessory structures. Please document with photographs.
• We encourage owners to visit FEMA’s for flood cleanup, safety
and flood insurance claim information.
• Repairs will require a permit, but fees are waived for damage-related damages. Doing
any work without a permit could jeopardize any possible assistance.
• If you house is in a floodplain, removal of carpeting, furniture and belongings is
encouraged, but repairs will require a special inspection and permit from the city. If you
are not sure if your home is in a floodplain, please contact the City of Beaumont’s
Building Codes office at (409) 880-3100.
• If your structure is commercial, please contact our office regarding issues related to
• If there was water damage to electrical, plumbing (including natural gas), and/or mechanical
systems. A permit is required for each individual trade, which includes electrical, plumbing,
and/or mechanical. For replacement of pre-existing interior sheetrock, insulation, doors, and
other structural repairs, you will also need a building permit.
• Electrical service reconnections to your building will continue to need to be approved by
Building Codes.
• Please ensure that your contractor is bonded and/or licensed with the City/State. To
determine this, please contact the City of Beaumont’s Building Codes office at (409)
• We also encourage you to not pay your contractor until work is completed and work is approved
by the City.
• Permits can be applied for by homeowners and bonded and licensed contractors at City
Hall, once City Hall opens.
• Additional permitting information can be found at our website at: