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March 17, 2023

Dangerous Dog Update Regarding Sprott Park Attack

Beaumont Animal Care has apprehended the second dog from the attack that occurred at Sprott Park on 3/16/23, thanks to a vigilant citizen that noticed the dog roaming in the woods near the park this morning. An animal care officer quickly responded and with the owner’s assistance, was able to apprehend the dog. We can confirm that the two dogs pictured in the photo were the two involved in the attack. At this time, the dog will remain in our custody for a 10-day rabies quarantine. A dangerous dog determination will be made after a full investigation is completed.

Beaumont Animal Care would like to clarify any misconceptions about animal care officers apprehending strays. All calls for service are important and any vicious animal calls will be handled immediately. Call load and staffing will dictate the speediness of response to all other calls.

For any other questions/concerns, contact Beaumont Animal Care at (409)838-3304 or [email protected]. To place a call for service, dial the city’s 311 line.

About Beaumont Animal Care: Beaumont Animal Care promotes animal welfare & vector control while addressing the needs of the community. They operate an adoption-friendly shelter along with various public awareness programs which assist in the undertaking of health evaluations, vaccinations,