FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    

April 5, 2023

CONTACT: Chris Boone, Assistant City Manager, Community Services

[email protected] | 409-880-3100


The City of Beaumont has Updated Code Requirements

Yesterday, the City Council voted to adopt the 2021 International Building, Residential, Existing Building, Fire, Energy Conservation, Fuel Gas, Property Maintenance, Swimming Pool and Spa, and 2020 National Electrical Code and 2020 ICC 600 Standard for Residential Construction in High Wind Regions, the 2021 Uniform Plumbing Code, and the 2021 International Mechanical Code with local exceptions.

In an effort to continue to safeguard our community against natural disasters and continually work to improve our quality of building standards, the City has updated their building codes to ensure safe and resilient structures in line with the state minimum requirements.

Please be advised if you have any new residential or commercial construction projects the new code requirements will be in effect.

About Beaumont Community Development: The Planning & Community Development Department is responsible for all planning, development, and permitting activities in the City of Beaumont. This includes zoning, building inspection, demolitions, housing, code compliance and block grant administration.