As we began to rebuild our city from the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, we at The City of Beaumont place the safety of our citizens first.  We would like to bring your attention to some of the risks associated with the clean-up process.

  • Structural Collapse

o Do not enter any unstable structures.

  • Removal of contaminated water

o Clean all surfaces with a 1:100 bleach solution.

  • Exposure to bacteria, toxins and hazardous materials

o Wear an N95 mask, eye protection, long sleeve shirts, full length pants, water proof boots and medical gloves (beware of possible latex allergies).

  • Drowning

o Do not enter water with a current.  3” of moving water can cause an adult to fall.

  • Animal and snake bites

o Look in and under debris before handling.  Do not attempt to catch any animal.  If bitten by a snake, do not attempt to catch or contain the snake.  Simply take a picture if possible.

  • General injuries (slips, trips, falls, lacerations, punctures, etc.)

o Wear proper footwear and gloves that offer cut and puncture protection.  Use caution when walking in water and on slippery surfaces.

  • Dehydration and heat related emergencies

o Drink water and rest regularly.

  • Generator safety


  • Tetanus vaccines

o It is recommended that anyone who has come in physical contact with flood waters or is participating in debris clean up, get a Tetanus shot.  To schedule your appointment contact the Beaumont Public Health Department at (409) 832-4000.

For further information including household clean up, food and water safety infection prevention and other safe clean up practices visit the CDC’s website at