At this time, a second bottled water distribution point has been established at Ozen High School located at 3443 Fannett Road until 7 P.M. Traffic will flow from the Fannett Road side.

Each Vehicle will receive bottled water. At this time a box of MREs and a bag of ice are also being given out while supplies last.  The distribution site will operate until 7 p.m.

Here are a few things you can do to help make things run more efficient when you arrive at the POD:
1. Drivers- Put down your cell phone. We need you full attention to be on following the instructions of personnel. 
2. Roll down your drivers side window so you can hear instructions from personnel.
3. Supplies will be given from the passenger side of the vehicle so, either roll down passenger windows or pop your trunk.

The distribution site will be open until 7 pm or all supplies are given out.
We are working to establish additional P.O.D.s and will publish a press release with updated information when it is available.
Remember, we are Texas Strong and we will get through this. Take a deep breath, have compassion for others, be of help when possible and please be patient with those who are working long hours in the heat to distribute these supplies to our citizens in need!

If more supplies arrive to the city, we hope to set up additional Points of Distribution (P.O.Ds). That information will be released via an Official City of Beaumont Press Release and the Beaumont Police and Beaumont Fire Rescue Facebook Pages.