Detectives have arrested a 34-year-old Beaumont man in connection with a shooting that occurred in a north end park.

At about 4:50 pm today, Patrol Officers responded to a reported disturbance and possible shooting at Magnolia Park located at the corner of Magnolia and Weiss Street.  When officers arrived, they found 40-year-old Adrian Dwayne Guidry dead with an apparent gunshot wound.  They also found two other victims, a 39-year old man with an apparent gunshot wound to his head and a 36-year-old man with an apparent gunshot wound to his arm.  All three men were Beaumont residents.

Beaumont EMS transported both victims to the Christus Saint Elizabeth Emergency Room for treatment.  Emergency room personnel listed the man with the head wound in critical condition.  They were preparing him for surgery.  They listed the man with the wound to his arm in good condition.

Detectives were able to identify and locate a suspect.  After interviewing him, Detectives transported the man to the county jail and booked him in on one count of murder and two counts of aggravated assault.  Detectives are not releasing the suspect’s name or photo because they are still working to locate and interview potential witnesses to the shooting.  Releasing the suspect’s name at this early stage of this on-going investigation could potentially taint future witness identification of the suspect and could damage the integrity of the case.

Detectives are still working to determine the motive for this shooting.  It did take place in proximity to a party that was occurring in the park.  Detectives have not yet definitively determined if the victims and suspect were related to that party.