Beaumont hosts hundreds of local and national events each year—ranging from music concerts, festivals, and races, to parades, galas, and fairs. As our city continues to encourage special events that enrich Beaumont’s quality of life and boost economic prosperity, we want to help event planners streamline their activities. Our main objective is to keep all major events and mass gatherings safe. 
The Major Event Coordination Team oversees the permitting and planning for temporary special events and festivals in the City of Beaumont and is an interdepartmental team consisting of representatives from multiple city departments, including Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Public Transit, Event Services, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Public Health, Engineering, and Facilities Maintenance. 
Should your event require involvement from several city departments or has a large expected attendance, this team will guide you through the city permitting process by providing requirements and guidelines necessary to produce a special event in the City of Beaumont. 

For more information about hosting a major event or mass gathering in the City of Beaumont, please call 409.838.3435. 

Book a Venue

Downtown Beaumont is home to 5 premiere indoor venues and several outdoor event spaces. The featured venues include the Downtown Event Centre, Julie Rogers Theatre, Jefferson Theatre, Civic Center and Tevis Room, which host more than 500 events annually. 


Park shelters are available all over the city on a first, come first serve basis. They are covered and offer seating with trashcans. They can be reserved for no charge by calling 409.839.3613. Community Centers can be reserved for a fee by calling 409.839.3613 or filling out the booking inquiry form.

Within Beaumont City Limits, yes, You can check availability by submitting this inquiry form. 

If you are selling or giving away food not from a licensed establishment you must have both a food handler certification and temporary food permit. Your food handler certification can be completed with an online course. You apply for a Temporary Food Permit from the Environmental Health Office at least one week prior to the event. Temporary Event Food Permits are required for events where six or more food booths will be in operation. Click here for more information.

For information about how to operate a mobile food unit or hire one for your event, please visit Environmental Health or call (409) 832-7463.

Any requests to block a street, close part of a road, or host a parade is required to submit the Parade Permit application to Beaumont Police Department. Contact the Traffic Unit at 409.980.7271 or fax the request to 409-980.2525. All applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event. Block closures are only given out under certain, limited circumstances. No closure can be approved which would affect the access/egress of any private, residential property. This restriction limits the number of block closures which can be granted. 

Any requests to block a street, close part of a road, or host a parade are required to submit the Parade Permit application, which will be reviewed by the Beaumont Police Department. For parades, there is a $250 permit fee for both commercial and nonprofit entities. Commercial entities are also required to pay for all associated costs including police overtime, barricades, and cleanup costs. For more information, contact the Beaumont Police Department Traffic Unit at 409.980.7271.