On Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 11:52pm Officers responded to 205 I 10 N in reference to a suspicious white male in a white SUV, later identified as Daniel Williams, 33 years of age. The man was attempting to sell electronics to the cashier to purchase gas. During initial contact with Williams, he was visibly nervous. Officers detained him and he gave a false name and information. With the help of dispatch, Newton and Jasper Counties, Williams true identity was found. Williams had a Manslaughter warrant related to the death of an Eagle Pro  employee, a subcontractor for APAC, from August of 2011 who Williams struck and killed while the worker was flagging traffic in Evadale on Hwy 105. Williams was sentenced to 10 years probation with the condition that if he violated his probation, he was to serve his entire term and not be eligible for parole. Williams had a BPD traffic warrant and was filed on for Fail to ID Fugitive. 

Williams was booked in for the Probation Warrant for Manslaughter- Jasper County, the BPD Traffic Warrant and Fail to ID-Fugitive.