The City of Beaumont has declared a State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Until further notice, the City of Beaumont will no longer perform inspections within occupied dwelling units (individual homes and apartments). Projects that can be delayed should be postponed at this time, including voluntary electrical panel changes.

What are occupied dwelling units?

Occupied dwelling units include single-family dwellings, duplexes and apartment buildings. This does not include new construction of dwelling units where the structure is not yet occupied or non-residential commercial structures.

What do I do if I have requested a residential inspection in an occupied dwelling unit?

If you have requested a residential inspection, the City of Beaumont inspector will not perform your inspection. Your inspection will need to be rescheduled with our 311 inspection line for a later date after our temporary restriction has been lifted. Please continue to check for updates online at

What do I do if I am in need of an emergency inspection in an occupied dwelling unit?

In general, emergency inspections are reserved for unsafe situations, such as no power, no heat, or gas. If you think you have a need for an emergency inspection in your occupied residential dwelling unit, please contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 409-880-3100, ask for Building Official Boyd Meier or Permitting Chief Lindsey Gilbreath. Your situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What can I do until I can get my inspection?

The use of your property has not been restricted. You can continue to occupy your dwelling unit. The area of work needing to be inspected will need to remain uncovered until the required inspection(s) can be performed. Thank you for your patience and understanding and please continue to check our website for future updates.