Because of the keen eye and swift response of Beaumont Police Department’s midnight patrol officers, two serial auto burglars who targeted Beaumont’s west end are currently sitting in jail.

During the early morning hours of 10/29/15,  Beaumont Police Department patrol officers were dispatched to the area Ruth and Bayou Rd, in references to two black males attempting to break into cars.  Officers quickly arrived in the area and upon searching for the two men, found them driving away in a maroon Buick LeSabre.  Officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and identified the two men as 23 year old Beaumont resident Brian Roberts, and 25 year old Beaumont resident Jarrit Banks (pictured below).  As officers searched the vehicle, they discovered stolen items from previous auto burglaries, in addition to 3 firearms.  Jarrit Banks was charged with burglarizing the vehicles, and Roberts was charged with being a felon in possession of firearms.  Thanks to their diligence and commitment to keeping Beaumont safe, our patrol officers were able to prevent these two men from committing more burglaries, in addition to getting 3 more guns out of the hands of dangerous men.


Jarrit Banks                     Brian Roberts