The YMBL has enjoyed another very successful run so far and as we approach the final weekend, we can expect higher attendance and heavier traffic.

To help alleviate the traffic congestion, please consider car-pooling with a group. Also, please check out the YMBL website to watch for weeknight specials. Attending on a weeknight will allow you to take advantage of less traffic and shorter lines.

One problem we have encountered has been vehicles stopping on the feeder road and even the Interstate 10 shoulder to drop off adults and kids to make them walk across lanes of traffic to Ford Park. This practice is not only extremely dangerous, but also illegal. Officers who witness this practice will take the appropriate enforcement action to ensure the safety of all fair-goers. Please don’t compromise safety for convenience.

Also, teach small children what to do and who to look for in the event that they become separated from adults. One suggestion is to write the child’s name and the name and cell phone number of the adult they are with, on a piece of paper. Then, place that piece of paper in the child’s pocket. We can then use the info on that paper to locate a lost child’s chaperone and reunite them a quickly as possible.

Common sense measures and a little pre-planning can help you enjoy a fun and safe South Texas State Fair experience.