The unofficial portion of the Cool Autumn Nights “nighttime cruise” will begin Friday, October 14 and Saturday, October 15. Participants gather around 7pm and clear out around 1am. This is not a permitted event. The permitted event is during the day, Saturday, October 15 and Sunday, October 16 in downtown Beaumont. The past several years this “nighttime cruise” event has greatly expanded in numbers. Businesses complain about people parking in their private parking lots, drinking alcohol and cooking. Trash is left scattered around the businesses, sidewalks and roadways. This event is often a burden to regular patrol officers due to the many calls the event generates reference speeding, noise complaints and crashes. 

We would like to warn business owners along 11th Street, College Street and Calder Avenue that this “nighttime cruise” will take place this weekend. If you do not want participants parking on your private lots there are measures you can take to secure your property.  Just a sign, will not suffice or be enforced.  The owner/business will need a trespass affidavit on file and a representative will need to be on location to file trespass charges.  Extra officers will be assigned to the area to improve response times, take proactive measures and assist with complaints. However, we will not enforce private property issues (trespassing) without a business representative on the property. If made aware, we will enforce any trespass affidavits on-file with the department.