Joery is a member of the City’s K-9 Unit.

Joery and his two fellow officers probably didn’t realize Wednesday morning that they were receiving a donation of potentially life-saving equipment, but Beaumont Police Chief James Singletary made sure to express his gratitude.

Joery, Nicky, and Hutch – all canine members of the department’s K-9 Unit – attended a reception to recognize the Beaumont Kennel Club and the German Shepherd Club for their donations, which included three bulletproof vests and $1,000 in additional training equipment. The vests are valued at about $700 apiece.

“This is a really generous gesture,” Singletary said. “These dogs are part of the family, and we very much care for them.”

Carl Holder with the Beaumont Kennel Club said the group was happy to make the contributions. He acknowledged that the department is devoted to the care and safety of the dogs, but that it does not have an unlimited budget for equipment, which is why the two groups stepped in. “We back them totally,” he said. “We think they do a great job.”

Singletary pointed out that the K-9 Unit recently has been instrumental in apprehending suspects in a several separate incidences, and that their unique skills are an invaluable addition to the police force. They even recently made an appearance on the show COPS, which featured members of the department involved in a foot chase.

The dogs’ handlers, Danny Valdez, Shaun Boudreaux, and Jay Revia, were also on hand for the ceremony.