Update: City of Beaumont  Boil Water Notice:

The Lawson Pump Station intake system on the Neches River was put back in service at 3:30 p.m. yesterday, 9-6-17.   Lawson Pump Station is a permanent intake and delivers water to the water treatment facility. It is reliable and will provide consistent, adequate water amounts.

Pressure is stable and running at approximately 70 psi at the Pine Street plant.  Preliminary tests have been conducted, and we will continue to run numerous required tests to insure that the water is safe for consumption.  These tests are required to pass TCEQ regulations. Some of these tests take 24 hours to process.   As soon as all tests pass inspection and are clear, we will lift the boil water notice.

The city will begin to flush the water lines as part of restoring service to the system and lifting the boil water notice. This flushing process will be conducted utilizing fire hydrants and coordinated through water utilities to minimize effects on current pressure.  Please do not call to report open fire hydrants.