Since June 6, 2017, Detectives with the Beaumont Police Department have worked tirelessly on the Capital Murder investigation of Kera Teel and her baby, Kyndal.

During the course of the investigation Detectives had to sort through many leads given by individuals who were involved or pretended to have knowledge of the crime.

Investigation has revealed that several juveniles are responsible for the Capital Murder Death of Kera and Kyndal Teel. All of the suspects are identified and in custody on other charges at this time. Due to the fact that the suspects are juveniles, their names cannot be released, pending certification as adults, at which time they will be formally charged with the Capital Murder of Kera and Kyndal Teel. At the request of Detectives, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office has dropped the Capital Murder Charges against Jared Bias, however he still faces several charges stemming from other criminal acts.

The Beaumont Police Department is confident that those involved in Kera and Kyndal Teel’s death will be held responsible. This has been a very complex case and we want nothing more than for justice to be served.



Officer Haley Morrow will hold a press briefing at 3:00 PM today, Tuesday, November 07, 2017 in the Training Classroom at BPD for interviews/sound bytes.