At this time, Becky Ames, Mayor of the City of Beaumont, has issued a voluntary evacuation order for residents who reside North of Broussard Road, and live on the following streets: Best Road, Hillcrest Drive, Crest Drive, Stonetown Road, Loop Road, Oak Ridge Street, Pine Ridge Street, the 8000 Block of Mitchell Road, Carpenter Road, Bayou Lane, and the 11600 Block of Jamestown Street.

Residents needing assistance with evacuations from their home should call 311.

The Emergency Management Team is continuously monitoring the effects of Hurricane Harvey. The areas under the voluntary evacuation order are exceptionally susceptible to severe flooding, due to their close proximity to Pine Island Bayou. We want to encourage everyone, even those not in the voluntary evacuation area, to continue monitoring their local news and make informed decisions about your families safety.