The City of Beaumont Public Water System produces drinking water from surface water (Neches River) and groundwater sources (well water). We have had our wells turned off while we are making repairs to the system. Due to the coming extreme cold weather and potential high water demand due to water breaks the City is temporarily turning the wells back on to allow us to pump additional water. The groundwater, or well water, source contains sulfur compounds such as sulfates and hydrogen sulfide that the surface water from our Pine Street plant does not. The re-introduction of the well water into the distribution system could result in some odor and taste changes in the water due to the sulfur content. These potential odor and taste issues do not pose a health risk or indicate poor water quality. In addition, turning the wells back on will result in a change in flows throughout the water distribution system which may result in some water discoloration. This discoloration is due to minerals in the water and does not pose a health risk. Normally we will flush areas of the system with water discoloration by opening fire hydrants. We do not plan to do this during these extreme temperatures because we are striving to maintain sufficient water pressures in the distribution system.