On Friday September 2, 2016 @ approximately 11:40 pm,  Officers responded to 2655 Sabine Pass, in reference to a victim of a stabbing. Upon arrival, the actor, later identified as Virginia Baker, 39 year old Beaumont woman, had left the area. A 38 year old female victim had several lacerations to her left forearm, and told officers Virginia cut her with a broken beer bottle. The investigation revealed that Virginia got into her blue BMW and intentionally struck the victim’s husband, 41 year old male, with her BMW and injured his left leg.  Virginia then intentionally rammed her BMW into a Tahoe that was parked on the street, backed up, and rammed it again. Virginia left the area. The male and female were taken to St Elizabeth by EMS with non life threatening injuries. Virginia came back to the scene and officers arrested her. Another male victim was on scene and told officers Virginia struck him with a crow bar, but he did not want to file charges. EMS took care of him. The female ended up being the only victim that wished to file charges.  Virginia was arrested for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and transported to Jefferson County Jail.